It is a privilege to tell you about a company that really offers good customer service.  Beyond Yoga, located in southern California,  has been around a while. They are listening to their customers and with the addition of their fantastic waistbands I love their ways.  Styles are abundant. One is my favorites is the quilted legging and it comes in 3 colors, white, grey, and black. Also for spring and summer, the shorter versions are cool.  They have a couple of styles of quilted tops too, but I put their twisted tank with these leggings. Shoes are Jambu, and vegan. While not for real exercise, these shoes are great to and from my classes.  Glasses are Tom’s.  Since I try to go to classes about 6 days a week, I often wear workout wear around town, and I feel dressed in Beyond Yoga’s clothes.  Have a  nice weekend.

Untitled-1Photos by Mary Summers

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