Good Monday Morning… All of you will have your favorite things from Trader Joes.. If you dont have one in your area, many of their items are available at  I have checked with some foodie friends and also tried these things and these would be some of my favorites…  The Marinara Sauce also makes great Tomato Basil soup with paired with a good broth… You can add some fresh basil to the top too and a little really good cheese.  The Chunky Applesauce is just plain soothing to me.. We always had applesauce as kids, but this is grown up, with big chunks.  The Coconut Thins are just a bite of sweet and would go really well with a sorbet. The Granola Cereal is a dessert for breakfast.  Maybe mix it with a little Go Lean Cereal to make it a little healthier.   The Brunello wine is not the $2 chuck , however, it is not expensive and really full bodied and rich.  Heirloom tomatoes are a treat this time of year… these are just the right size . Have a great week.