Since group pilates classes have been so popular, there are some innovative shoes and socks to help aid the balance of the person doing to exercises.  I really love these styles for my classes.  The Nike wrap now comes in several colors offers good support for your arches. Blake Brody shoes have been around for a while and now they have developed some street shoes which are great.  You can easily wear them to work and if you need to change into another shoe, you have had a nice walk to work.  The Jambu shoes are ones I wear often too much.. Vegan, so comfortable, and able to take a rainy day without ruining them.  Sashi makes a great sock, especially for the summer, and it has lots of grip on the sole.  My older feet need some support ( I used to love Dr. Scholls)

Happy workout, Happy walking, Happy weekend.


Clockwise:  Dr. Scholls…. Jambu Spin …. Nike Wrap… Shashi… Blake Brody Leigh..Blake Brody Olivia