Pimento Cheese—well in Dallas it is a staple, like eggs and milk.. Every fridge should have some and there are several here that are winners… You can buy them here or order them from Artizone.com Our favorites are::
1. Kuby’s Jalapeno Pimento Cheese    2. Jacks Pimento Cheese (with Gouda)  3.  Pam’s Pimento Cheese    4. Empire Bakery Pimento Cheese 

Also, if you are not in the Dallas area, Artizone is a great company that will ship Kuby’s and Jack’s pimento cheeses to you… Happy Monday.

This version is similar to Pam’s …. pimento-cheese



  1. Kubys                                                                   2.  Jack’s
3.  Pams                                                                                   4.  Empire Bakery