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Wallpaper Delight

Guest bedrooms can often look rather soulless, or just end up as a dumping ground. Thank goodness, mine’s not the latter!

I’ve always read that wallpaper is a great way to add character and personality to a room. They say bold patterns and interesting finishes work well for creating great feature walls, which really help to liven up small or [...]

Beaufort Bonnet Company

If you are giving a baby present soon, these bonnets and bucket hats would make terrific gifts. Beaufort Bonnet Company has hats for babies, boys, and girls, with adorable monogramming if you want. Have a refreshing Wednesday… Thanks for reading.


Wellness Advisor Johnny Pompa

Good Monday Morning.  I would like for you to know my family friend Johnny Pompa.  He has graciously been in several of my blog posts. He is a health advocate who would be happy to consult with you by email (or in person if you are in the Dallas area).  Johnny has served in the health industry, with

Travel Accesories for an Easier Road Trip

Thank you Helen, for sharing your tip about how to travel warm.  These QIVIUK SWEATERS are amazing, and yet lightweight. They are perfect for the cooler climates and cold airplanes.  The TRACKDOT LUGGAGE TRACKER keeps you informed as to where your luggage is at all times. THE SOPHIA CASHMERE TRAVEL SET is a definite upgrade from the airline blankets.  [...]

The Book:: Look Up

Today post features a book I have enjoyed for years.  It is called Look Up, and is published by En Theos. Also featured are some skirts that remind me of a dear friend and sorority sister, Lucia. This book and skirts are shown in loving memory of her. Lucia’s daughter, Hayden, was featured in an earlier post, [...]

Leontine Linens

Recently, Jane Scott Hodges was in town to sign her new book titled  Linens. The books are available at St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange in Dallas. Leontine Linens are so exquisite, and this book will shows many examples of beautiful rooms.  Happy Monday.  Xoxo Laura


Thistle and Poppy

Good Wednesday Morning. Recently I have been introduced to Christina from Thistle and Poppy and delighted to find their picture frames.  You can order them in a variety of shapes and colors.  The uniquenss of the interchangeable “mats” on them make them the perfect way to change pictures quickly.  I am putting mine in my office.  Have [...]

Trader Joes Favorites

Good Monday Morning… All of you will have your favorite things from Trader Joes.. If you dont have one in your area, many of their items are available at Amazon.com.  I have checked with some foodie friends and also tried these things and these would be some of my favorites…  The Marinara Sauce also makes great [...]

Lukken Leather Boots

Graduations and Joy

This past weekend we had so much joy celebrating Rachel’s graduation from law school.  Our family and friends are all so proud of her accomplishment.  The weather for an outside graduation was glorious and SMU had a very nice hooding ceremony, complete with cascading plants and flowers all down the steps of the platform. As many of you will [...]