Gruyere Cheese Grits

gr-grits-Grits are one of those love them/hate them kind of foods.  These are healthier than the earlier version of jalapeno cheese grits.  The Crystal Hot Sauce really could be increased if you are a lover of hot foods.. Rex’s [...]

Quinoa Pilaf Stuffed Squash

acorn-squash- HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!! Recently, at Pairigi in Dallas I had their stuffed acorn squash.  I have tried to make them at home, and wanted to share my version.

Monday and Mel’s Chili

Last week at the counter of JK Chocolate I saw some packets for chili seasonings.  I love a good chili, and this one is a winner.  Gluten free, no msg, and can be made very healthy with lowfat beef, turkey, or bison.  Instead of the tomato sauce it calls for, I added a can of low salt [...]

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A New Coffee and Spring Wine Selections

Mama Willson’s Cottage Cheese Pie

Last weekend my mother reminded me that this recipe was from my great grandmother. It is filled with good things like cottage cheese, lemon juice, and yogurt, it is refreshing, especially after a hearty meal.  Actually the original recipe called for heavy cream, but I substituted a drinkable yogurt from Whole Foods and found it great.. Also if you [...]

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A Helathy Breakfast or Snack

cerealThere are so many healthy choices for breakfast and snacks. The Kind Company has developed a variety of choices for many palates. These are a few that I find are fresh ways to start a morning… I like them because these products are full of [...]

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A Little More Chocolate

Happy Presidents Day!! In case you need a little more chocolate after this Valentine weekend, here is just the item.  German Chocolate Pie.  Especially for those who like coconut.  I made this when I was a little girl, and have always gone back to it as a comfort food.  It is an easy recipe. xo

Gift from Buccan

Recently while on a lovely trip, some friends and I had dinner with some delicious cookies that ended our already great meal. Our waiter was very convincing as to our entire meal selections, including a pasta dish with squid ink sauce ( this is a real adventure!!). The cookies were the best part of the meal to me.   Kitchen [...]

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Water and Wine

Good Morning.  I hope you had a great weekend. Last summer we discovered a wine while visiting Napa California for a wedding. St. Supery Elu. It is a blend that tastes similar to a Bordeaux.  Reasonably priced for its rich flavor.  Good for your heart too.

On the water side, Topo Chico is a refreshing sparkling [...]

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Ina Garten Mustard Chicken

This chicken is an easy dish to make, and it is appealing to all ages.  The marinate of dijon mustard and white wine gives it some tang, while the crumbs with lemon zest and olive oil give it moisture. I used Foccacia Stuffing for the crumbs instead of body