A Cheese Shop to Remember

Molto Formaggio in Highland Park Village is a cheese shop to remember.. The owners Michael and Christy have a love of life that is contagious. They also have classes once a month with their sommelier William that are great ways to learn and be with friends. We hope to take a trip with them someday, [...]

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Kahlua Pumpkin Bread

If you are craving pumpkin bread before next week’s pie, this is a Kahlua Pumpkin Bread is yummy to have on hand. Moist with pumpkin, it can be made with  Cup4Cup gluten free flour. If you are using regular flour, we like King Arthur Flour.
Also this bread can be toasted and served with extra [...]

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Food Gifts for the Holidays

We’ve been thinking about Christmas this week, since it is Partner’s Card.  If you love to give treats for the holidays, here are some ones that will grace your recipient.  The St. Rita’s cakes are beautifully wrapped as well as delicious…Another Texas made product is Killer Pecan Shortbread, available online and at

Dallas Pimento Cheeses

Pimento Cheese—well in Dallas it is a staple, like eggs and milk.. Every fridge should have some and there are several here that are winners… You can buy them here or order them from Artizone.com Our favorites are::
1. Kuby’s Jalapeno Pimento Cheese    2. Jacks Pimento Cheese (with Gouda)  3.  Pam’s Pimento Cheese [...]

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    Mitcham Peaches and Louisiana Mayhaws for the Texas State Fair

Mitcham Peaches and Louisiana Mayhaws for the Texas State Fair

Growing up in Louisiana, we would see mayhaws and peaches between May and July… The best peaches were from Ruston, called Mitcham Farms Peaches.. The mayhaws are a tart berry that grow in the acidic soil that also produces pretty azaleas and camellias.. About 20 years ago I found mayhaws again and began making jelly…Really have enjoyed making it [...]

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St. Rita’s Cakes

What a wonderful gift Nancy gave us last week.  Straight from Atlanta, St. Rita’s  southern made cream cheese pound cakes are divine!!!. Would make great Christmas presents.. I am always looking for something different to give other than my Mayhaw Jelly.  St. Rita’s also makes pumpkin bread, another favorite.  The wrapping reminds me of The Masters Golf [...]

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Sweets and Treats from California

Two dear friends have shared their sweets from California with me.  I am so excited to tell you about the new book SWEET, written by Valerie Gordon, of Valerie Confections’ in L.A. It has been given a James Beard award, with its many well loved recipes from her shops.  Valerie has been in business since 1984, and [...]

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Dark Chocolate Walnut Pie

If you didn’t have enough chocolate over the weekend you may want to add this to your week.  I love the dark chocolates, but they need just the right amount of sweet. Walnuts are great and are a little healthier than pecans.  This recipe should be baked or a little underbaked, as pie will firm up after it cools.  [...]

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Brunch Foods for Entertaining a Crowd

When there are many coming to your next event, it is good to be like our caterer friends and plan on everyone eating heartily.  Even though you might have leftovers, it is better than running out of food.  This brunch has egg,grits, and sausage casserole, fresh fruit of all kinds, plain and chocolate croissants, crumb cake from

Grandmas Hummus –a treat for all

Grandmas Hummus, from www.themedchef.com is available at Whole Foods, Central Market, and HEB Stores.  It is fabulous.  At this time where there are so many different diets people are subscribing to, this is a pretty universally acceptable food on all of them.Packed with protein, it is good with raw veggies, or [...]

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