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Neutrogena Lip Gloss

Neutrogena Lip Gloss/ Protector are a great “sussie” gift for a friend. Soft colors, really moist, and not too expensive. $7.


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Stanley Korshak

Audrey Elliot – Stanley Korshak

audrey-elliotI love this lady.. She has taught me so much about how to apply make-up.  She is award winning from Chanel, and super kind.. I really needed a lot of help.. My hand is not steady, and she has readied me for [...]

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Yoga Clothes

Slim Down Pant—baby bell bottom  the heather grey has more spandex

Essential Gathered Legging—my favorite—all around versatile gorgeous colors

Beyond Yoga clothes are made in America- Ive been buying them for years-

Also available at Beyond Pilates and

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