Pants that are comfortable ones are a new trend this spring.  The fabrics have stretch and body and many designers like Current Elliot and Ellie Tahari(Now on sale)are coming up with some fabulous options.  I LOVE the Current Elliot red (like Martha’s Vineyard). You can get them at Cabana in Dallas.  Merry Vose has lots of vision for retail.  The grey pants are from Ellie Tahari. I love the fabric because it is a mix of linen and silk and doesn’t wrinkle like linen.. AG jeans people are so accomodating.  Last week they emailed me when their stock ran low on some jeans I had ordered, and gave me a discount on my next pair.  The green pants are from AG.  The leather like pants from Club Monaco are very comfortable and the price is good. In the Dallas store the entire team is so helpful, and the store is pretty.  Dinorah has encouraged me on many occasions and tells me her true opinions. Enjoy your week.  Happy Shopping.



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