Welcome to Lela & Leola.. So who are they?

LauraThis website is dedicated to 2 women who had a big influence in my life.. Lela & Leola.  They worked for our family from the time I was 6 months old, a long time ago.. and for many years thereafter. They were wise women, strong in their faith, and had hearts that were tender. They taught our family what it is to appreciate all that the Lord provides. They worked hard everyday. I loved some of their expressions, such as “Eating that will make you Whopsy” or  “There is just so much I can do”

So here is a website that seeks to give you a something extra. I love to research gifts, beauty aids, recipes, exercise tips. Resources are fun to find. My sister always said I was looking for the “new and improved”. Hopefully, you will find some things here that are excellent.


Talk to you soon,




Photography by Courtney Teesdale (courtneyteesdale@gmail.com)